The Independent United Order of Mechanics, Friendly Society, Western Hemisphere, Inc., is a well ordered, properly regulated and astutely governed society of Lodges / Chapters formed for the mutual upliftment of its members.

Mechanic units are comprised of lodges and chapters who voluntarily form themselves into a family; exemplifying all the high ideals and expectations of a well regulated, closely-knit organization.

Our commitment to serving and improving the lives of others is legendary. In addition to the information on this website, Our Video provides a great overview of our organization. Contact Us to learn more. 

Our Motto:

Friendship, Truth, and Love dictate that we should be friends and truthful to all Mankind and above all “be our Brother's keeper”, which is in keeping with the teachings of the Volume of the Sacred Law. Our aim is to practice and promote justice, philanthropy, charity and benevolence, and that through our example; society at large will know the true meaning of fidelity, benevolence, and truth.

Our Membership:

The membership of the Independent United Order of Mechanics, Friendly Society, Western Hemisphere Incorporated, is international and embraces all races, creeds, and religions, of not only the opulent and powerful but also those who are morally and physically strong.