Profile of Mechanism

The Independent United Order of Mechanics, Friendly Society, Western Hemisphere Incorporated (I.U.O.M., W.H., Inc.), is a world-wide friendly organization that was founded during the building of Kings Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem in One-Thousand Years, BC.

The Order, in its present form, was established in Lancashire, England in 1757 and received its authority by an Act of the British Parliament. Branches were established in South Africa,

followed by other branches in Jamaica, Demerara, Trinidad & Tobago, Cuba, Panama, Canada, Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, Suriname, Dutch West Indies, Belize, Spanish Honduras, and Guatemala. Presently, there are Lodges, Chapters, and Juvenile branches in Holland and French Guyana.

In January 1910, the Order was established in the United States of America. On September 19, 1910, it was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York. The headquarters of the Independent United Order of Mechanics, Friendly Society, Western Hemisphere, Incorporated, was transferred from England to New York in 1941, where it is presently maintained.

The Order is a well-structured, properly regulated and astutely governed society of Lodges and Chapters formed for mutual upliftment of its members.

The Order administratively is divided into three branches, namely:

  1. The Executive Committee of Grand Council
  2. District Grand Jurisdictions (Grand Lodges)
  3. Units (Lodges, chapters, Encampments, and Conclaves)

The Grand Council of the Order, the supreme body, while in session, consists of the Executive Committee of the Grand Council and delegates of the District Grand Jurisdictions worldwide. The Grand Council of the Order convenes every three years at a predetermined location for its Triennial Convention. At this convention, new laws and policies are enacted and the members of the Executive Committee of the Grand Council are elected to administer the affairs of the Order until the next session of the Grand Council. The District Grand Jurisdictions, with Member units, convene every two years for their Biennial Convention. At this convention new laws and policies germane their respective Grand Jurisdiction are enacted and district Grand Officers are elected.

A Mechanics Lodge/ Chapter is a group of men/women who have voluntarily formed themselves into a family; exemplifying all the high ideals and expectations of a well-regulated closely-knit organization.

Units convene at least once per month and elect their officers annually. The purpose of the lodge/chapter is to foster love and unity among brethren and to promote the building of strong moral and social character, as well as responsible, charitable, and law-abiding citizens. The aim of the lodge /chapter, is to live and practice the admonition of the Supreme Being, to “love your neighbor as you love yourself,” and “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me!’ This then, is the essence of our existence, Brotherly Love and Charity!

Mechanism teaches one to know himself/herself. By gaining a full understanding of one’s self, one can respect and appreciate others, not by their material possessions, but by their character and humility. Thus, there are not economic, social, racial-ethnic or other superficial barriers to true friendship and love.

OUR MOTTO... Friendship, Love & Truth

Friendship, Love and Truth dictate that we should be friendly and truthful to all mankind and above all, “be our brother’s keeper,” which us in keeping with the teachings of the Volume of Sacred Law. Our aim is to practice and promote justice, philanthropy, charity, and benevolence, that through our example, society at large, will know the true meaning of fidelity, benevolence, and truth.

The membership of the Independent United Order of Mechanics, Friendly Society, Western Hemisphere, Incorporated, is international and embraces all races, creeds, and religions, of not only the opulent and powerful but also those who are morally and physically strong.

Our Programs and Services. We are obligated by our basic tenets to attend to the welfare of our members and families. We are involved in various community projects, mainly in healthcare and education. Our membership is encouraged to be active participants in the community in which they live.

The Mechanic’s Life. One must come to Mechanism with a serious desire and conviction to serve our fellow man; to share every aspect of our corporal lives with each other, and with the firm belief in and a commitment to the principle “the Fatherhood of God, and the brotherhood of man.” Mechanism is practiced all over the world in the hearts of men and women.

Florida District Grand Lodge No. 1 Inc. was inaugurated on October 28, 1995, at Florida Memorial College Hall, 15800 North West 42 nd Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida during the 19 International Triennial Convention, held at the Deauville Hotel on Miami Beach. The Honorable Michael A. Aitcheson is the 8th Rt. Worshipful District Grand Master currently serving as Grand Master.

The District Grand Jurisdiction is comprised of Five Lodges, three Chapters, two Grand Christian Encampments, and a College of Past Grand Masters, namely:


Beacon of Miami Lodge #17Inaugurated July 26, May 26, 1980
Pearl of Ft. Lauderdale Lodge #19Inaugurated May 25, 1985
Mt. Zion Lodge #4Inaugurated February 4, 1990
Mizpah of Orlando #4Inaugurated February 18, 1994
Pride of Palm Bay Lodge #5Inaugurated June 15, 2002


Beacon of Miami Chapter #14Inaugurated May 29, 1983
Pearl of Mt. Zion Chapter #1Inaugurated May 25, 1997
Pride of Palm Bay Chapter #2Inaugurated February 14, 2017

Grand Christian Encampments:

St. Joseph's Grand Christian EncampmentInaugurated April 18, 2004
St. Mary's Grand Christan EncampmentInaugurated October 10, 1999

College of Past Grand Masters:

Florida College of Past Grand MastersEstablished October 20, 2004